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Visual Analytics Solutions

A range of intelligent visual analytics solutions based on image and video analytics to provide automation. These solutions can be applied in surveillance, crowd analysis and production monitoring.

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CCTV & Surveillance

Integrated camera-based CCTV solution for security and surveillance. Combination with video analytic software enable automated alerts and risk detection including motion detection, perimeter breach and abandoned items. Ideal for commercial, government or industrial buildings and public spaces.

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Temperature Sensing System

A plug-and-play camera-based temperature sensing solution for fast, highly-accurate and efficient temperature screening process, such as for the COVID-19 temperature screening requirement. Built-in video analytics and facial recognition software. Multi-application and can be easily re-purposed for other surveillance applications. Suitable for commercial and government buildings as well as crowded public areas.

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Facial Recognition 

Advanced facial recognition software with deep-learning algorithm. Fast and accurate positive identification of individuals. Potential applications in security and surveillance or even commercial use such as attendance taking or access control.

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Crowd Analysis

Gather reliable data on your foot traffic and heat map. Understand the profile of your crowd including gender, age group and expression. Start using the power of video analytics to collect and analyse your data for better operational and marketing planning.


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