Connecting products digitally to people & businesses

in meaningful & useful ways.



We are a technology innovator focusing on supply chain traceability solutions.


In a more connected and integrated world, our vision is to harness the power of IoT to connect products digitally over a single platform to enable connectivity, data collection and analytics to bring specific benefits to businesses and users. 


Our ultimate objectives are to enhance business efficiency, enable automation and activate a new level of engagement with consumers.


PNMB InnoVentures is a fully-owned subsidiary of Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad, a leading total security printing and digital solutions provider.




Product serialization, authentication and supply chain traceability solutions.


GPS-based smart mobility solution for real-time monitoring and data collection on vehicles, people or assets.

Image by Ennio Dybeli

Image and video analytics solutions for applications in surveillance, production automation and crowd analytics.

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